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Packraft taster course - Allgäu Germany

Packrafting Allgäu / Germany

The Iller rises as the confluence of the three source streams Stillach, Breitach and Trettach near Oberstdorf. In its upper reaches it offers easy white water in the difficulty levels I - II + in the midst of a beautiful mountain backdrop.

This weekend you can enjoy a wonderful landscape and an unforgettable group experience. The whole thing is crowned with the learning to maneuver your packraft safely through the rapids.

Course content:
Material science, safe wet exit and reentry in a packraft, basic paddling techniques, fluid dynamics, edding, safety and much more.

Our trial courses are special offers to get to know the sport better and to find out whether if you like packrafting. Of course, these two course days do not replace our professional five-day beginner courses.

Iller, Oberstdorf, Germany
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Packrafting at Allgäu Alps 2020 Packraft Touren
During the Packraft taster course we will paddle the river called Iller between Oberstdorf and Immenstadt.
Due to many unpredictable factors, the guide will always decide which section to paddle, always taking into account water levels, weather and needs of the participants.

This could be your smile after a successful river trip. 2020 Packraft Touren
The river Iller is ideal for packraft beginners. It meanders through the Allgäu Alps, in the repeatedly quiet sections you can relax from the lively but technically not very demanding rapids or you can take a break on the beautiful gravel banks. Arrival and departure by train or bus is easy thanks to the good connection. All entry and exit points can be reached via the idyllic Iller hiking or cycling path.

Packraft Touren 2022

2 Days

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge required

Number of participants
Minimum 4 Persons


Minimum age 16 years
Safe swimming
Normal physical condition
Enjoy new challenges

© 2020 Packraft-Touren

Please note

Private cars are also used for logistics.

We kindly ask you to understand that only certified life jackets are allowed in our whitewater courses. Inflatable swimming aids are not accepted.

You can use our rentallist as your own checklist.

Playing at the Iller © 2020 Packraft-Touren

210€ per Person
+ rental gear, maximum 18€ per day

Meeting point
Samstag 9:30 Uhr Bihlerdorf
more details you will get after your booking


After a nice welcome round you will be given the required rental material for which you are responsible until the end of the course.
After a short walk you will become familiar with the equipment at a beautiful lake.
The basic techniques of packrafting will be explained to you and also practiced. The most important part of the program will be capsizing, getting out underwater and getting back into the packraft.
After a short break, the techniques you have just learned will be internalized on the river.
At the exit, the topic of safety and safety techniques is discussed and trained again.
The course ends at 4 p.m. at the latest

Meeting point and time as discussed the day before.
Safety briefing repetition.
Funny river navigation through lively rapids, learn the ferry technique, eddy currents.
Return of rental equipment.
The course ends at 4:00 p.m. at the latest

The Iller and its lively rapids © 2020 Packraft-Touren
The Allgäu offers many great opportunities to be explored on the waterway, although difficulty level III is not exceeded.
Many put in and exit points can be reached on beautiful hiking and biking trails and by public transport.

At the foot of the Allgäu Alps, we also offer other group and private courses on request.

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