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Intermediate Packraft course Wildalpen

Packrafting Salza / Wildalpen / Austria

One of the whitewater classics in the Alps! A largely unspoiled river in a beautiful landscape.

The Salza in the Wildalpen is a very good and varied paddling area and is ideal for advanced beginners. Advanced courses are for packrafters who already have previous experience in WW II or who have already attended a beginner's course with us and want to deepen and perfect what they have learned.
During this week you will have the pleasure of experiencing the wonderful landscape but also maneuvering yourself and your packraft through the rapids with confidence.

For advanced beginners in whitewater sports, the Salza is one of the most ideal rivers to consolidate what you have learned and to raise your skills to a new level.

Two campsites located directly on the river are located about 27 kilometers above the mouth of the Salza in the small village of Wildalpen. These are the 'Camping Wildalpen' and the 'Naturfreunde-Campingplatz'.

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The River Salza in Austria

The Salza is located in the east of Austria, in northern Styria, about 140 kilometers southeast of the city of Linz. The river rises at an altitude of only 1800 m, but due to the large catchment area, the special characteristics of the limestone rock, it stores rainwater and the amount of precipitation present here is almost always sufficient for a ride on the section from Wildalpen.

As an outstandingly beautiful white water flow with usually crystal clear water in drinking water quality and also because of the considerable length of the river without any interferences of water builders, among other things. The Salza is one of the most scenic rivers in the Alps!

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The most popular and most frequently used part of Salza is the Lower Salza. On this part are several entrance and exit possibilities. Starting point is mostly one of the two camping sites in Wildalpen or the slightly further downstream entrance at the settlement halfway at the mouth of Lassing

The landscape is outstandingly beautiful as well as white watertechnically very interesting, with many play spots. The lower Salza is up to approximately 22 km long - for a whitewater flow in the Alps a quite long section.

From Wildalpen follows the somewhat lighter section of the Lower Salza - ideal for paddling. But here, in the rapits the river is testing your skills.

After 6 kilometers, just behind a small road bridge, the Lassing flows into the Salza from the right. Immediately before the inflow, there is another popular entrance on the right shore.

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5 Days

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge required

Number of participants
minimun 4 Person
maximum 6 Person


Minimum age 14 years
accompanied by a legal guardian
Safe swimming
Normal physical condition
Enjoy new challenges

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Intermediate courses are for packrafters who already have previous experience in WW II or who have already attended a beginner's course with us and want to deepen and perfect what they have learned.
Procedure / course content

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Getting to know each other is always the first priority.
An intermediate course is advisable to refresh and intensify what you have learned in the beginner's course and to get to know new regions.
In this type of course, too, we take care of entering and exiting eddies and ferry techniques. What is learned is practiced and increased. According to the guide from the easy to the difficult, from the known to the unknown.
A very important part of our teaching is instruction in risk management. It's all about recognizing danger, assessing and avoiding it, the personal responsibility of each paddler and the right equipment. All teaching content in these training units is based on the current international standards and our many years of whitewater experience.
In addition to practice on the river, our courses always include small theory units in which we deal with hydrology, the science of water, its types, properties and manifestations.

We deliberately want to leave the type of accommodation to our participants themselves, as it is very important to us not to deny the participants their self-determination. However, we will not leave you alone with the choice of suitable accommodation under accommodation options, we have linked a few suggestions for you.
Accompanied hiking is not the focus of our courses. We focus on sharing our knowledge on and around the river with you to prepare you as a responsible packrafter for your own adventures with a clear conscience.

Please note:

We kindly ask you to understand that only certified life jackets are allowed in our whitewater courses. Inflatable swimming aids are not accepted.

For the logistics we will need also privat cars.
Since we will also run to an exit points, you need a backpack at least 60L,
Carabiner, lashing straps to transport your boats and equipment on land and in the water.

You can use our rental list as your own checklist.

472€ total price
+ rent equipment (if necessary)

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Wildalpen - Whitewater sports

Those who are lovers of whitewater sports are looking for adventure packed trips on the Salza in Wildapen. The Salza in Steiermark/Austria is 55 km long, the longest uninhabited river of Central Europe.

The emerald green river north of the Hochschwab with drinking water quality offers optimal conditions for the whitewater sport..

More information will follow when booking.

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