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We offer privat courses from 90€ p.p. a day , in Augsburg, Lechtal and Slovenia.

30th of May, 2018 we organise a second hand market, on our base.
From 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
You can offer also your own second hand river gear.
On this day also our meeting of the 1st inclusive canoe center takes place, we gladly invite you to get to know the project and the people during the cozy barbecue and movie night.

Visit us on 1th and 02th of June, 2018 on the Kanu- und Outdoor Testival in Munich / Regatta Oberschleißheim.
Test paddle and boats simply and uncomplicated, meet our team and have a lot of fun.
An Event for the whole family!

Unique!! Rolltraining for Packrafters in Augsburg.

There we were...
  19.September 2020 to 20.September 2020  "Taster course Lechtal" , that was a 2 Days tour for 175,00 € per Person
  07.September 2020 to 11.September 2020  "Beginner course Soca" , that was a 5 Days tour for 375,00 € per Person
  31.August 2020 to 04.September 2020  "Beginners course Wildalpen Salza" , that was a 5 Days tour for 375,00 € per Person
  29.August 2020 to 30.August 2020  "Roll course Eiskanal, Augsburg" , that was a 2 Days tour for 180,00 € per Person
  24.August 2020 to 28.August 2020  "Beginner course Mölltal, Österreich" , that was a 5 Days tour for 375,00 € per Person
  20.August 2020 to 23.August 2020  "Advanced course Möll, Isel, Österreich" , that was a 4 Days tour for 300,00 € per Person

  08.September 2019 to 08.September 2019  "Tour Augsburg Kuhsee und Lech" , that was a 1 Days tour for 65,00 € per Person

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We are the only school that offers roll courses, private lessons, safety training for packrafters.

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