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Annika Seidl - the White Water Packraft Specialist

Annika discovered her passion for kayaking at the age of 6.
Everything started with the canoe slalom sport, which she has been doing very successfully for a long time.
She was able to post a variety of successes in her account, such as For a long time, she led the Bavarian squad at the top with some Bavarian championship titles as well as two-time Vieze German championship titles.
Added to this was the fascination for whitewater.

In 2003 she completed her training as a certified kayak teacher.
Afterwards she worked for 5 years at the Soca, before she took over the management of the kayak school Prijon in Germany.
In 2013 she discovered packrafting for herself and since then has also been giving courses.
Her know-how about whitewater kayaking and slalom sports has made her a training concept especially for the packraft forces. Meanwhile, she also took over the management of Packraft School Packraft tours.

Incidentally, she sits on the board of the 1st inclusive canoe center e.V., where she strengthens for the inclusion in canoeing.

She was trained by BVK, BKV and Rescue 3 Europe.
She has successfully completed her vocational training as a sports and fitness trader.

As soon as snow arrive, you can meet her in the Allgäu Alps, where she works as a state-certified level 3 snowboard instructor and level 1 ski instructor.

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