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Guided Tour Balkan

Our heart beats for the Balkans and we do not want to deprive you of our fascination for country and people.
Of course we have to make this tour always dependent on water level. During this guided tour we are responsible for the organization and safety of the participants. Of course, paddling and safety techniques are also practiced, but the focus is on the experience.
WW III maximum
At the top of the list is the Tara.

In the course of the millennium, the Tara has cut itself over 1,300 meters deep into the mountains, making it the longest (78km) and deepest gorge in Europe.
A real natural jewel. The untouched landscape and the friendliness of the inhabitants will enchant you.

If the water level is adequate, Morača can also be visited in Montenegro.
And if you have ever traveled so far, the Neretva in Bosnia-Herzegovina should not be missed.

During this guided tour we are responsible for the organization and safety of the participants.
Of course, paddling and safety techniques are also practiced, but the focus is on the experience.
WW III maximum

The spectacular Tara Gorge is a special highlight in the Durmitor National Park in the north of Montenegro. The Tara, the longest river in Montenegro, has dug up to a height of 1,600 meters, over a length of 78km, into the mountains. The Tara Gorge is the longest and deepest gorge in Europe and also one of the largest canyons in the world.

Grab - Tara, Montenegro,
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The Tara in Montenegro and its fresh water sources - Quelle: Packraft-Touren © 2017
The Tara Gorge is not only the longest and deepest, but probably the most original canyon in all of Europe. There are several ways to explore the stunning canyon. Basically, this can be dry feet or amid the foaming spray.

River Tara, border bridge between Montenegro and Bosnia - Quelle: Packraft-Touren © 2017
The forgotten Balkan invites you with its beautiful and breathtaking nature, its friendly and open-minded inhabitants and its clear and clean rivers.

The Tara / Montenegro
The best time for rafting on the Tara are the summer months when the river is not too rushing. In April and May, the extreme sportsmen will get carried away by the swollen river. You will need about 30 minutes for a two-and-a-half-hour trip. At this time, most of the accidents happen, too. Tara rafting is very safe during high season.

If the Tara is quiet enough, a whole series of tourist inflatable boats can often be driven off the stream. With good reason - this is clearly the best way to experience the Tara Gorge.
The Tara River is the longest river in Montenegro, with some 120 river kilometers. In its lower reaches, it has formed a spectacular ravine, which is the longest and deepest in Europe.

The Morača / Montenegro
Morača is a river in the center of Montenegro. It rises on the northern slope of the 2226 m high mountain Kapa crosses the capital Podgorica and finally flows into the Skutarisee near Vranjina. It is its greatest tributary.
In its upper reaches, the Morača is a rushing mountain river that crosses numerous gorges, including the more famous Morača Gorge. The Morača Monastery is situated a few kilometers north of the Morača Gorge.
The Morača is a river that is not used commercially by rafting operators.

The Neretva / Bosnia-Herzegovina
Neretva is the most important river in Herzegovina. It is 225 km long, including 203 km in Bosnia and Herzegovina and 22 km in Croatia. She will also enchant you in terms of beauty, clarity and cleanliness.

One of the rapits on Neretva in Bosnia - Quelle: Packraft-Touren © 2017

7 Days

Previous knowledge
Previous knowledge required
in whitewater Grade II-III

Number of participants
minimum 6 Person
maximum 8 Person

Minimum age 18 years
Packraft with skirt
Safe swimming
Normal physical condition
Enjoy new challenges

It is possible to book a room or to stay in your own tent

Waterfall Tara - Quelle: Packraft-Touren © 2017

We kindly ask you to understand that only tested life jackets are allowed in our whitewater courses.
Inflatable swimming aids are not accepted.
We will also wlak to an put in or take out, you need a backpack at least 60L,
Carabiner, lashing straps to transport your boats and equipment on land and in the water.

You can use our rentallist as your own checklist.

Costs Includes transports and your guide
Accommodation charges, food, flight and permisson is not includet
645€ per Person

Tara - Montenegro - Quelle: Packraft-Touren © 2017

Procedure Guided Tour Montenegro

At almost all camps it is possible to get breakfast and dinner.
But not at the first camp in the Tara Gorge.
Will organize together as a self-catering, which visits restaurant but not completely excludes.


Airlines: Wizz, Adrian Airline, Montenegro Airline, etc.

On the first day we pick you up at the airport in Podgorica. From there we drive once to the Moracha, if the water level allowed. After the first run, we head to the exit of the Tara Gorge. There you can stay in your tents or book a room reserved in advance. www.tara-grab.com
At this camp there is the possibility to get dinner. The next morning we will start with the shuttle to the entrance of the Tara Gorge, Splaviste. At the entrance, the inspector is already waiting for us to collect the fee, about 60 €. The access to the ravine can be divided into 2 or 3 stages. To conclude, we will take us to the next Breathtaking River Neretva in Bosnia. There we can stay with our friend Hitko (-Rafting) in lovingly built small bungalows, before it goes back to Podgorica.
Please note that we will chance the plan when ever we need.

To bring:
Adventure and open-mindedness
Tent, sleeping bag
Own boat with the accompanying equipment (rental possible, however, only with self-taking)
Dishes (bowl, cutlery, drinking bottle, etc.)
Enjoy new challenges

Since we are also waking to a put in or take out, you need a backpack at least 60L, carabiner, dry bag, straps to transport your boats and equipment on land and in the water.

Quelle: Packraft-Touren © 2017
Meanwhile, several providers have specialized in rafting tours through the Tara Gorge. A ride on the wild river is certainly one of the most exciting adventures one can experience in Montenegro. Regardless of whether a dinghy, raft or kayak, who falls into the torrential floods of the Tara, a good portion must bring courage. Up to 60m high waterfalls are to be marveled and numerous rapids are to be overcome.

But also the Moracha in Montenegro is a natural jewel and can not be left out by a suitable water level.

In the half-forgotten Bosnia and Herzegovina, other very friendly and open-minded inhabitants are waiting for us. There, the Neretva winds its way through a deep ravine, which is by no means inferior to the Tara.

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