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Beginner Course at the Soca Valley

The Soca, the emerald green jewel of Slovenia, winds its way from the Julian Alps, through stunning natural landscapes, to the Adriatic.
For kayakers it is one of the most popular rivers in Europe.

This comes on the one hand from your crystal-clear, emerald green shimmering color, on the other hand from her fairness and variety.
It offers many sections with different levels of difficulty and countless play areas for practicing, so there is always something suitable for each level.

A must for every paddler.Packrafting courses Slovenia.
In Slovenia too, we are at your disposal, with a specific curriculum, theory. In Slovenia we offer you basic, advanced and private courses.
Even outside the river, Bovec and the surrounding area offers countless opportunities for activities. Hiking, climbing, paragliding, rafting, skidivingand much more.

Take more holidays, for this beautiful place

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happy faces after a successful ride of the “graveyard run“ © 2017 Packraft-Touren

Soca Slovenia's Emerald.

The Soca is one of the famous paddle spots of Europe, on one hand by its wounderful color, the deep ravines, but also by the many different sections, the many play spots and their fairness. The river is just ideal for our courses.

This week you will be able to enjoy the wounderful landscape and how to maneuver your packraft sovereignly trought the rapids.
You learn important paddle techniques, get acquainted with the material and learn to „read“ water.
We will train the wet exit and how to come in and get out of an eddy.
All this takes place in one of the most beautiful paddling regions of Europe, in the heart of the Julian Alps. With its emerald green color, its fairness and the varied sections, the Soca is just perfect.

2. Canyon of Soca river © 2017 Packraft-Touren
With its characteristic blue-green color, the Soča is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Their stream is characterized by smaller and larger waterfalls, rapids and narrow gorges, as well as numerous trunks and coles.

The Soča and its tributaries are a paradise for nature lovers and those who are looking for adventurous watersports such as whitewater kayaking, rafting, canyoning and the like. Thanks to its famous resident, the Marmorata trout, the river is also a popular destination for anglers from all over the world. The mountainous landscape above the Soča was the site of the greatest slaughter in the history of mankind in the First World War.

The valley of the most beautiful Slovenian river is characterized by numerous natural beauty, but also preserves the shattering legacy of the First World War.
Here you can remember the bloody past as well as create positive new memories of unforgettable experiences in nature.

The section Trnovo 1 provides fun and action © 2017 Packraft-Touren

5 Days

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge required

Number of participants
minimum 4 Person
maximum 6 Person

Minimum age 14 years
accompanied by a legal guardian
Safe swimming
Normal physical condition
Enjoy new challenges

© 2018 Packraft Touren

Please note

We kindly ask you to understand that only tested life jackets are allowed in our whitewater courses. Inflatable swimming aids are not accepted.

You can use our rentallist as your own checklist.

Privat vehicles are required.
You also need a backpack at least 60l, carabiener, dry bag, straps to transport our equipment on land and river.
We have pay permission fee for using the river, which is to be paid by the participants themselve.
Costs last 2018
Day ticket: 3,00 €
Week ticket: 16,00 €

When hiking to the put in, the river and its rapids can already be examined © 2017 Packraft-Touren

350€ total price
+ rent equipment (if necessary)

Meeting Point
10:00am at Felix Bar, Mala vas 16, Bovec, Slovenia Welcome round
10:00am at Jojo Bar, Rupa 7a, Bovec, Slovenia Welcome round


On the first day of the course we will go to the lake or choose a very calm river section. Depending on the participants, previous experience and water level. There we will deal with the material, get to know paddle techniques, train the wet exit and re-enter the packraft.

The group will vote on the time and meeting point of the following days.
On the second day a short theory lesson is on the program. Then it will be a easy river section, where you will be able to overcome the first rapids and we will teach you how to go in and out of an eddy. This week we will use to train all the important technics and impove our level every day.

Once a week we go for dinner in one of the local restaurants.
During the week we need privat cars to reach the put in and take outs. But we will not go only with the cars, sometimes we will walk.
Therefore, please bring the necessary material with you.

On the last day, we will try to finish the course arrouns 2 pm, so that a home trip is still possible.

The green lagoon of Soca © 2017 Packraft-Touren

Bovec – Superlative at the foot of Triglav

When you start your exploration through the valley at the picturesque source of the Soča, Bovec is the first major place on your way. Its surroundings are bursting with natural superlatives. Not far from Bovec is the 144 m high waterfall Boka, the highest waterfall in Slovenia.

The Trenta Valley is home to one of the information centers of the National Park Triglav, named after Slovenia's highest peak.

The Valley of the Soca offers a variety of significant natural monuments from the source to the mouth:
The Soca origin (1,050 m) is one of the most beautiful springs in the Alps.

The Soca chiselled on its way a whole series of ravines.

The cheese made from the milk of the indigenous Bovec sheep grazing on the surrounding pastures can also be tasted on the way to the Mangart, to the summit of which is Slovenia's highest mountain road.
The surroundings of Bovec is made for a variety of outdoor activities and sports.

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