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Hike, Pack and Raft - Multi days tour Finland

Have you been looking for a multi-day tour in the wild for a long time?
Hiking, paddling and spending the night in the great outdoors?
Then this multi-day packraft tour in Finland is just right for you.
The local and well-trained guides will take you from lake to lake in the Vätsäri Wilderness Park for five days. Enjoy the vastness and seclusion of the landscape in the packraft and on foot. Cooking over an open fire, spending the night outdoors and snuggling into your sleeping bag under a starry sky.

Vätsäri Wilderness Area
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© Caj Koskinen
The Vätsäri Wilderness Area was established in North Lapland in 1991 and covers an area of 1550 km². The Vätsäri area is part of the Finnish-Norwegian-Russian protected area Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park.
The rough, rocky landscape is a mosaic of pine forests, moors and water. The northeastern part, the actual Vätsäri highlands, rises as a treeless fall ridge.
Vätsäri is one of the most remote places in Europe with many lakes, untouched landscape and wild nature. The local Sámi still live there and tend to reindeer. The Sámi are an indigenous people. Lapland never had its own statehood and is now divided between the four states of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. A beautiful place in the arctic with lots of fish and wild animals.
So exactly the right place for pack tractors who are looking for adventure.

© Caj Koskinen


Arrival in Ivalo (airport), Finland. There you will be met by your guides Caj & Katja. From there, take a taxi to the Vätsäri Wildernes area, there you start your wilderness adventure in the Packraft and on foot.
In five days, the experienced guides will lead you through the lake system and the wilderness. The duration of the hikes is never more than 1-2 km. Therefore, camping and paddling equipment is required that is easy to carry. The region is located north of the Arctic Circle and temperatures can easily drop to 0 ° C at night. Please take this into account when packing your hiking, camping and paddling equipment.
All equipment, including boat and paddling gear, for the five days must fit in a backpack and be able to be carried by the participant independently over 1-2 kilometers. This also applies to the transport in the boat for the paddled sections.
You will receive an exact packing list after booking.
Please note that there can always be unforeseen changes to the process on site.

Please bring with you:
  • Adventure and open-mindedness
  • Tent, sleeping mat & bag,
  • your own boat with appropriate euipment
  • Crockery (bowl,cutlery, drinking bottle etc.)
  • Zelt, Isomatte, Schlafsack & Zelt
  • rain and warm clothes

Self catering

Can also be bought together with the guides on site

© Katja Koskinen


5 days


Previous experience

no previous experience necessary

Number of participants
minimal 2 People
maximum 4 People

Minimum age: 16 when accompanied by a legal guardian
Safe swimming
Own equipment (packraft, hiking & camping)
Good basic physical fitness
Enjoy new challenges
Thirst for adventure and open-mindedness

overnight stay

Camping in the great outdoors


The guides are local, the tour will be held in English and optionally in Finnish.
Flight, meals etc. are not included in the price!
Flights must be organized, paid and booked independently by the participant.

© Caj Koskinen

© Caj Koskinen

© Caj Koskinen

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