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Advanced Packraft technical course Möll and Isel

The Möllvalley is located in Carinthia, Austria. Through the valley flows the river Möll, hence the name comes.
Möllvalley is a perfect packraft area. On the easy sections, paddling techniques can be trained and automated, and the difficult sections offer plenty of variety to improve and exercise your technique.
The highlight is the whitewater arena as a perfect playground. The whitewater park is just one kilometer upstream of the campsite and can easily be reached on foot.
Just a few minutes from the Möllvalley is the Isel, which provides with its raging rapids the right variety.

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Packraft Advanced Course on the Möll and Isel

The Möll rises at the Großglockner and flows about 80 km later at Lurnfeld in the Drau. For whitewater lovers the Möll is a very popular destination. The Möll and Isel are ideal for our courses.
You already have previous experience with your Packraft and / or have already taken a course with us. Then we invite you to one of our advanced courses. In these courses, we especially look at your technique and try to improve it. This is usually very individual, so we take time to find out the wishes and needs of our participants. We will immerse ourselves in professional paddling techniques. Rescue and recovery and safety in whitewater sports.

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Course content
On the first day of the course we meet at the campsite. After a welcome round we will hit the river.
A very important part of our teaching is the instruction in risk management. Therefore, this course includes a safety training. It is about hazard identification, assessment and avoidance. Swimming techniques in whitewater, the proper handling of a throw bag, the personal responsibility of each paddler and the right equipment. All course content in these training sessions based on current international standards and our many years of whitewater experience.
In addition to the practice on the river, our courses also include small theory units in which we deal with hydrology, the teaching of water, its types, properties and manifestations.
We deliberately want to leave the accommodation type to our participants because it is very important to us that participants do not deny their self-determination. We set up our camp on the ideal campsite near the Raggacanyon.
Our courses do not focus on accompanied hiking. We focus on giving you our knowledge on and around the river to prepare you with a clear conscience as a responsible packrafter on your own adventures.

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4 Tage

Previous knowledge
knowledge in Withewater class II

Number of participants
minimum 4 Person
maximum 6 Person

Minimum age: 14 accompanied by a legal guardian
Packraft with spraydeck or self-lenzer
Safe swimming
Normal physical condition
Enjoy challenges

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To be considered

We ask for your understanding because our whitewater courses only allow certified lifejackets and white water helmets. Inflatable swimming aids will not be accepted.
For the logistic we will use also privat cars.
Because we will hike sometimes to the put in or take out points you will need a backpack at least 60l, carabieners and straps to transport your gear on land and on the river.
Our rental list can be used as a separate checklist.
The rental equipment handed out to the participants on the first day and they are responsible till the last day.

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372€ total price
+ rent equipment (if necessary)

Meeting point
10:00 am
at the wooden pavilion on the camp

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