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Roll training

How to roll a Packraft?

The Eskimo roll (also capsized rolle) is a method to get a capsized kayak or even packraft quickly and without a wet exit get back up. The practice of this method is called rolle or eskimo roll.

At our roll lessionss in Augsburg, packrafters are also welcome.
The prerequisite is, you bring your own packraft with spray deck and thigh straps. With the right equipment we can teach you the roll in a Packraft.

Roll training
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The half roll is easy © 2019 Packraft-Touren
The Eskimo roll is a milestone in the development of the perfect paddler.
For whitewater riders it is the key to higher levels of difficulty, a useful supplement for water hikers and a fast and self-sufficient self-rescue for ambitious touring and sea kayakers. In addition, learning the roll raises many relevant skills such as boat feeling, water feeling, anxiety reduction and technique to a new level.

Once you control the roll, you will not have to swim after your boat.© 2017 Packraft-Touren

The Inuits could not swim - mainly because of the dangerously cold ice sea. For them, this technique was vital after capsizing.
Therefore, they invented a technique that allowed them to bring the kayak back into the right position, to roll.
Countless different techniques keep these peoples to this day and are a huge step ahead. In the meantime, not only one technique used in the paddler scene.

It's way easyer to learn it firt in a whitewater kayak © 2019 Packraft-Touren

2 Days
3 hours a day

Previous knowledge
Previous knowledge is helpful but not a prerequisite.

Number of participants
210 €
Total duration c.a. 6 hours


Minimum age: 14 years
Packraft with spray deck & straps
Safe swimming
Normal physical condition

Further dates on request possible

© 2019 Packraft-Touren

If you are the owner of a nose clip and swimming googles, please bring along.

Quelle Packraft Touren 2017

Meeting point
Is at our school. Directions will be sent to you after booking.

Moraca Montenegro © 2019 Packraft-Touren

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